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Belgium + France

The team consists of people that are passionate about vines, terroirs and wines.Anna, André and Marc welcome you with open arms and bottles to let you discover the fruit of their work.

Vignerons Durette

A family story

A human adventure that started in 2007!

The ‘Château de Durette’, property at the heart of Vineyards of Beaujolais, was created in March 2007. We propose a range of 10 appellations. Each of these wines has his characteristics even if they are all of the same family of Beaujolais: perfumed, delicious, structured, complete.

Our passion for the countries of Beaujolais led us quite naturally towards a reasoned vine growing. The set of our vineyards deserves our biggest attention. All our wines are made and raised with the same respect in our own cellar in Régnié-Durette.

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The story


Vignerons Durette
Vignerons Durette
Vignerons Durette